Nov 13, 2012


So...did you guess correctly? It was the "crostata" or a cookie-like pastry filled with either whole fruits or a type of is used in my Austrian Linzer Tarts. In this case you can see the individual servings - in apricot and sour cherry. I am a lover of all things apricot (being Hungarian) so I pointed it out to the very congenial barista. He however encouraged us to try the sour cherry one, and if we didn't just love it, we could return and get the apricot one free of charge. you may guess....we did NOT return the pastry! It was delicious! Stephen and I shared it because it was quite large...and very heavy....but oh so wonderful:)

The photo you see here is a famous scene from "Roman Holiday" for those of you who are fans of Audrey Hepburn (the face of an angel). Check out the movie and see the similarity after all these years.

Italy is a place we enjoy going. Why? Beyond architecture, tempting pastries and need I say, "amazing" coffee.....the Italian people are so very friendly and welcoming. Make it a destination sometime.

Nov 5, 2012


We know what we like when we see it, but sometimes coming up with the "idea" is much more difficult. I feel that way about designing a room in our home. I know by magazine pictures what I would love to see in one of our rooms, but can't seem to put it together on my own. This is a difficult task for me to do - come up with ideas when it comes to decorating.....

But not when it comes to cookies! I love the challenge of new ideas, designs that are pleasing to the eye as well as delicious in the mouth:) I am an avid "researcher" when it comes to my cookies - always looking for new ideas, designs, flavors. Sometimes the articles and pictures I peruse are not even cookie-related. They may be articles on teas, coffees, cupcakes, etc. that spark an idea in my mind. to the kitchen I go, baking and "testing" the new item. You know, of course, my sweet husband Stephen is one of my testers:) He kindly eats the ones I "break" as well!

Here is an idea adapted from a Japanese pastry chef. I altered her technique, as I found it to be cumbersome and time-consuming. I call them "Swirly Design" French Macarons, but I'm sure there is a more creative name out there somewhere:) They require just a little more work than normal, so the price per dozen is $15.00 vs. the "classic" typical macaron which is $12.00. Just one more way to add a little sparkle to your order.

Some ideas on when to buy them?  Order a red and white swirl for Christmas (or any color for that matter). I think they also go well with a spring/summer birthday party for children. I'm sure there are more ideas, but these are just a few. And please ask about other colors I can use to produce these swirly confections!

Please place your order for Christmas and the holidays soon! I get booked very quickly and already have Christmas orders scheduled.