Mar 18, 2014


Are you familiar with the French Macaron? Most Americans think we are saying "macaroon" which is an American treat made of coconut and usually dipped in chocolate. Although very tasty, this is "not" the Parisian......oh so very French.......Macaron.

This confection boasts mounds of fresh almond meal as its main ingredient in its crispy shell and chewy interior....and did I say filled with a luscious buttercream?  This confection is so customizable, it will have your head spinning. Planning a wedding or special event? Provide a swatch of color and the shell can be made to match. From crazy Parisian colors to pretty spring pastels, the shell colors and shades are endless. And the buttercream? There are endless color and flavor combinations as well.

I had the pleasure of having my business being featured in a segment of the March Issue of Lehigh Valley Style Magazine. I want to thank Lisa Gotto, Editor-in-Chief, for our time spent talking about her trip to France and how she loves the French Macaron, as well as offering to make my business a part of the "Life in the Valley" section of their lovely  magazine. I also want to thank Editorial Intern, Alyssa D'Ippolito, Marketing Assistant, Kelli Hertzog, and Advertising Executive, Kellie Bartholomew for our emails, phone conversations and helping to bring this to fruition. Many thanks to the entire staff that I did not have the pleasure of meeting.

The French Macaron has actually been around for several hundred France that is. Did you know that the Italians are actually credited with the very first macaron? This was before the French decided to sandwich the shells together with luscious fillings. Well, we can give them both credit for the birth of this lovely and one-of-a-kind confection. Did I mention the difficulty level in producing this cookie? I won't even go there....many months were spent perfecting the making of them. So many variables in your kitchen from mixing, to oven temperature to humidity levels in the house - they must all work synergistically to produce that lovely "pied" or "foot" or "ruffle" at the base of the shell.

You will most likely taste many lovely desserts, pastries and treats throughout your life, but there is something quite special about the French Macaron. It embodies so many qualities of crispiness, chewiness, sweetness, eye candy color appeal and just plain "cuteness", that I don't think we will ever see or produce something quite so special in the culinary world ever again.

Sweetly Yours,