Sep 10, 2012


These are some of my latest designs for "The French Macaron"....a fussy little girl of a cookie confection, I must say:) The longer you have been baking them, the better your track record for success. Once you become confident enough in making the basic shells, you tend to want to explore variations on the shell's color and decorations, as well as what goes inside the shell itself, be it tea leaves or spices. The possibilities are truly endless. I have been asked for weddings, showers and birthday parties to design the macarons according to event theme and color. Most anything is possible! I have to give credit to my sweet husband, Stephen, for encouraging me to "keep at it" when I first started baking them. They truly test your patience, but like with anything, persistence pays off:) Be sure to comment on what you would like to see in the future in terms of flavors and colors!